Our Vision

To experience the power of Justice and Fairness as the foundation of communities.

Our mission

To provide accessible, trusted and grounded legal consultation and representation to our various clients and educate individuals and institutions on their rights, privileges and duties.

A Little About ATG Legal

ATG Legal was established in 2008. We are a full-service law firm with a cosmopolitan character and a credible track record in several areas of law such as dispute resolution (litigation, arbitration and mediation), energy/environmental law, cyber law, entertainment/sports law, business law, property law, employment law, maritime law and criminal law.

The expertise of each partner, associate, consulting legal practitioner, mediator and arbitrator sets ATG Legal as a trove of legal representation and information.

ATG is an acronym for Accessible, Trusted, and Grounded. We are devoted to providing reliable and quality legal services to our vast and diverse clientele.

Our logo which is the dandelion flower stands for faithfulness, doggedness, intelligence, happiness and healing. We are committed to being faithful to the right causes of our clients, intelligently solving the problems of our clients no matter how challenging they appear, bringing succour and satisfaction to our clients with various legal needs.

Our acclaimed community legal literacy project titled; Live.better.everyday offers free legal advice and counselling on various legal issues in our community and across our partners in different locations.

At ATG Legal we constantly appraise legal issues with the lens of innovation, creativity and client’s satisfaction. As we relate with our clients and the society, at large, we hold dear and imbibe the following values:

  • integrity
  • accessibility
  • quality
  • tenacity
  • clients’ satisfaction

We achieve these by engaging various mechanisms and social platforms that will render us accessible, improving ourselves continuously and engaging qualified hands to be able to confront the dynamics of the law and legal services.

In order to give back to our immediate community and the society at large, we continuously offer free legal advice and consultation to the public on a range of areas of law, through virtual and physical platforms. We also occasionally organise legal seminars and engage in outdoor legal sensitization programs.